The Wagon is Back with the V60 Leading The Pack

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The Wagon is Back with the V60 Leading The Pack


There’s no doubt about it that Volvo is above and beyond any brand in the wagon department. It was their bread and butter for a long time. After bringing their models up to par with the competition they have seen a return to form for the wagon segment with the 2016 V60. See what the best reviewers in the business are saying about the 2016 V60. considers it praise-worthy, just look at the full comment.

“When launched last year, Volvo's V60 wagon re-established the Swedish automaker in the small luxury station wagon market. It's a tiny niche (wagons have long been eschewed in the U.S. as a relic of the 1950s and 60s) but it serves people who find compact crossover SUVs to be too big and bulky for their needs. The 2016 V60 is, essentially, the wagon version of the separately reviewed 2016 Volvo S60 luxury sedan. It brings Swedish styling and more than 20 cubic feet of cargo room to the table while sharing the sedan's praise-worthy performance, interior layout, fuel efficiency, technology and safety features.” believes Volvo has reinvented their older wagon for the new century.

“The 2016 Volvo V60 wagon looks nothing like the boxy, old 240 and 740 models many people imagine when they see the words "Volvo" and "wagon." In fact, with its steeply raked rear window the V60 looks less like a wagon and more like a sleek hatchback variant of the S60 sedan on which it's based. Interior space isn't wagon-like, either: Folding the rear seat yields just 43 cubic feet of cargo room. (Volvo’s related XC60 crossover, by contrast, more than doubles this capacity.) Space limitations won't concern Volvo’s target audience, though. They want the handling of an upscale sport sedan with some added functionality. The V60 benefits from the same, remarkably comfortable seats found in the S60 and XC60. [1] They're heavily bolstered, and high-end models have power adjustment including a variable lumbar support. We’ve driven hundreds of miles in all three models, and these seats are among the best we ever occupied.” thinks this will last a generation or two.

“Volvo established itself building bulletproof family wagons parents felt comfortable passing down to their kids. Getting back to their roots, Volvo’s 2016 V60 and V60 Cross Country rekindle a long lost love affair with the wagon, but in a sleek, sexy shell that bears no resemblance to the old 240 DL. The V60’s fuel-efficient engine, sporty manners and luxurious interior making it a fitting rival to the BMW 328i, while the new V60 Cross Country looks to muscle in on the competition. Available all-wheel drive (AWD) is another strong selling point for the V60. Toss in Volvo’s stellar safety reputation, and you have a vehicle any family would be proud to pass down to future generations.” reviews it favorably as well.

The little things are what make it great, like the phenomenal headlights, the huge, clearly marked gauges, the overall build quality, the quiet cabin, the great ride, and the button that pops the rear headrests down so the driver can see better.

It's all very Swedish; you can tell the car was made by people with a different mindset, a different approach to things than the people who give us our de rigueur American, German, and Japanese cars.

Then there's the safety aspect, too. Modern cars are incredibly safe, modern Volvos exceedingly so.”

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2016 Volvo V60 Cross Country T5   Price: $37,902.00

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