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When car shopping, it's important the client never settles. After all, your vehicle must provide certain creature comforts and performance values. There's also the virtue of safety involved.

At Volvo Cars Lisle, we offer prospective clients the capacity to reserve or custom order new Volvo models. This accomplished from home, online and via any device.

The Volvo Reservation, Custom-Order Process - Simple to Start

These days, technology permits the convenience of doing almost everything online. This true of Volvo shopping.

In a single online space, you may research new Volvo models and explore features to each revamped equipment level.

Then, you may either custom order or reserve your very own Volvo luxury model. This process begins with completion of the online query form below.

Once submitted, a Volvo Cars Lisle professional will reach out with next steps. It's that easy.

And with updated models comprising this new Volvo inventory, you've got plenty to explore.

Volvo 2023 Lineup Updates

Updates have been implemented across the new Volvo lineup outside Lisle.

Some updates are specific to certain models, while other innovations comprise systems and trims.

For a summary of related details, browse below what's new for 2023:

  • Both Volvo XC90 and Volvo XC40 luxury SUVs have been outfitted with mild-hybrid powertrains.
  • Volvo S60 luxury sedans offer the Black Edition execution, with exterior elements blacked out.
  • Google applications of Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play are built into every cabin and voice activated.
  • New trim levels of Core, Plus and Ultimate offer features exclusive, and tailored to personal taste and style.

Taking the above into consideration, reserving your next, new Volvo becomes essential.

Volvo Cars Lisle - Offering Convenience in Volvo Shopping

Contact us with any questions regarding Volvo reservations or custom ordering.

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How to Custom Order & Reserve Your Dream Volvo

Pre-ordering your desired Volvo is more convenient than you might imagine. By filling out our online custom order form, you can reserve a new Volvo geared toward your driving preferences.

Select which Volvo model you want to drive. Tell us how to contact you so a Volvo Cars Lisle representative can verify your custom order. In the optional information, Chicago customers placing a custom order can give Volvo Cars Lisle specific instructions.

Personalize your payment plan by telling us the down payment you want to make on your custom-ordered Volvo and details on your potential trade-in.

Add additional details to the new Volvo you want to pre-order. Include the trim level, features, and additional luxury amenities you want outfitted for your new Volvo. The more information you provide allows Volvo to build your dream luxury model as you intend it.

You design it. Volvo will build it! And Volvo Cars Lisle will deliver your new luxury vehicle to your home in the Chicago metro when it's completed.

Contact Volvo Cars Lisle Today to Place a Custom Order or Pre-Order Future 2022 Volvo Models

Do you want to be one of the first to drive around Chicago in a 2022 Volvo? We encourage interested buyers to contact the Volvo Cars Lisle team to pre-order their favorite new Volvo. These future 2022 models will arrive shortly at our Volvo dealership in Lisle, IL. Personalize your luxury experience by reserving your new Volvo today!

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